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The centrepiece of every home

Let our rugs warm your feet, let the people on it warm your heart

We design and produce rugs which create surroundings where people feel comfortable and at ease. We see our rugs as the story starter, the centrepiece of every home, where we enable conversations and connections.

We offer standard sizes of 2x3m. If this size is not the best fit in your interior, no worries. We do custom sizes on request. This way we make sure our rugs elevate your beautiful homedecor. 

Handwoven with love

All our items are handwoven by women of the local tribes of Beni Ouarain. From start to finish, the wool is worked by hand. No machine is used. No transformation is made to the product. No tint. No treatment.


Because it is 100% handmade, our products are perfectly imperfect.

Wool: our raw material

Our wool is the most premium one you can find in Morocco. It comes from the Berber Marmousha sheep who have the distinction of having a brown wool on the head. The rest of their fleece is ivory. This is the reason why all our rugs are Black and White.


The wool of about 50 sheep is needed to make 1 Amaziane rug.

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100% RAW


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