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A brand created by, Thomas and Emilie Petit, a French brother and sister duo based in Morocco and the Netherlands . Our last name, Petit, translates to Amaziane in Berber, which also means beautiful and good. And that’s just what we want to achieve - a brand that creates beautiful products, but does good. Good for people and the environment.

We stand for craftsmanship. Our items are designed in Amsterdam by Marlous Kramers and Mareille Schouten from Newd Agency. Our rugs are handcrafted in Morocco, by women of the local tribes of Beni Ouarain. The rugs are always of the highest quality, they will last a lifetime. 
Thomas lives in Morocco and works directly with the women of our production cooperative, this ensures no middle man and all profit directly goes to the hard working women. We are inclusive, we believe in equal rights and stand for them. We work with a local cooperative, where handcrafters work in good conditions, 40 hours per week.

We always search for the most sustainable way of production, transport and inventory. So everybody can enjoy, including our earth.

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